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Calendar 2004 (in Italian)


Il ritmo delle forme (in Italian)
Itinerario matematico (e non) nel mondo della simmetria
Ed. Mimesis, Milano 2001 

[The rhythm of shapes
Mathematical and cultural tour in the world of symmetry]

Symmetry is an important presence in art and nature.
And mathematics is at its root.
This book guides the reader towards the acknowledgement
of symmetry as a generator of eye-catching images,
stunning architecture, and efficient functional structures;
as a thread through many expressions of human knowledge and perception; also as a "strong" conceptual focus of scientific thought, and instrument through which everyone can directly experience non-trivial mathematics.

The book "Il ritmo delle forme" has been translated both in Portuguese and in French (but not yet in English).


LIDIM [Interactive Laboratory for the Popularisation and
Teaching of Mathematics] Notebooks

Dipartimento di Matematica "F. Enriques", Milano 2001- 

All those who received a scientific education recognise its importance, and think that a society where scientific knowledge
is wide spread might be both more rational and humane.

"Science popularisation" aims at improving scientific education,
and not only within the school environment.
By effective popularisation we mean the communication of significant mathematical ideas to a wide cross-section of the public, without mystification or trivialisation.

LIDIM Notebooks


The posters of the exhibition
A series of five posters on symmetry
Department of Mathematics "F. Enriques", Milan

Three posters are similar to the one shown on the left: they contain images from art and nature.
In the other two posters the ornamental motifs are arranged
according to their symmetry type.