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The exhibition is accompanied by a series of leaflets that suggest some deeper views of topics connected with symmetry.

The first one (entitled "Symmetry: playing with mirrors") is the brochure of the exhibition, and contains a guide to the other leaflets, an overview of the theme of the exhibition, and the connections between the various exhibits available to the public.

  • brochure "Symmetry, playing with mirrors"
  • technical leaflet (in Italian)
  • bibliographical leaflet (in Italian)
  • the other leaflets

  • How to request the leaflets of the exhibition:
    If you want to order copies of the leaflets, please e-mail
    or contact
    Segreteria della Mostra
    Dipartimento di Matematica, via Saldini 50, 20133 MILANO, Italy.
    Some material is also available in French and Spanish

    The cost of each colour leaflet is:
    - A4 format € 0,30;
    - A3 format € 0,60;
    - the Mosaics leaflet € 0,70.

    The cost for the entire leaflets collection (17 A4 format + 2 A3 format + the Mosaics leaflet) is € 7,00.

    The leaflets are always available at the permanent
    exhibition in the Department of Mathematics.